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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Music: Shyne - Messiah 


Is Shyne f-cking kidding with this bullsh-t?? This is hot garbage. But as my man, Mr. O said on twitter: "Shyne wasn't that great to begin with. Sorry to say. Just cuz he went to jail for a min and came back doesn't qualify him for GOAT status" That really about sums it up. To be honest, I never understood how this myth of Shyne as legendary rapper came to be in the first place. Was it really because he went to jail?? He had a couple semi-decent joints ("Bad Boys" and "That's Gangsta" come to mind), but that's about it! Truth be told, when he was getting signed everyone was dissing Puff for trying to sign a bootleg sounding B.I.G.

Shyne - Messiah [no download, mp3 stream only]

LA Reid is really about to show his ass with this debacle just like many predicted. And just to demonstrate how wack this record is, I'm about to post five or so records which dropped recently that all sh-t on this joint without even breaking a sweat starting with another Def Jam joint....

[mp3 via Miss Info | image via RapRadar]

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