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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Music: Black Keys - Howlin' For You 


As you can tell, today is mostly electronic and rock music day, which is part of my new goal to try and blog on a schedule, but hip hop always finds a way into the mix here no matter what!

Black Keys is an underground blues-rock band that most definitely gets down with hip hop based on their participation in the excellent BlakRoc album project helmed by Dame Dash. This blues-meets-glam rock banger is the B-side of their 12" vinyl joint sold as part of Record Store Day. Because of that I'm only gonna stream it here, but if you're just that cheap and don't wanna buy it, I think you can still get a download of it via Steady Bloggin' where I swiped it from.

Black Keys - Howlin' For You [mp3 stream]

BTW: I say the BlakRoc album was excellent, but honestly I never actually heard the whole thing! I tried to buy the CD a couple times (I'm old school like that, I guess - if I'm gonna spend paper on actually buying music, I still want to hold something physical, nahmean?) but could NEVER find it in stores. I looked under Black Keys, BlakRoc, BlackRoc, Various Artists Pop/Rock, Damon Dash etc. etc. but nothing! I gave up in the end which is probably one of the reasons why the music industry is going down in flames....

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