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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Listen to Josh Patrick's ''The Master'' Collection 


<a href="">The Shins - Sleeping Lessons (Josh Patrick's Dreamy Lesson) by Josh Patrick</a>

Back in the mid-2000's producer, Josh Patrick was knocking out some bangin' electronic and club remixes of alternative and indie rock records which fit in great with the burgeoning disco-punk and dance-rock scene that was developing in Brooklyn powered by some amazing 12"s made by James Murphy's DFA records and other similar producers, remixers and groups throughout the US.

Unfortunately, trying to actually buy these mixes on wax (kids, that's what we did back then - I know!) meant heading to places like TurntableLab as mp3 blogs were only just starting to appear, but when they sold out that was usually it! I always wanted Patrick's remix of Hot Hot Heat's "Talk With Me, Dance With Me" and while doing some googling for it last night came across this. Nice one, Josh! Now everyone can enjoy once again like its 2004 - man, that seems like a long time ago now!

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