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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

CBS News: Disturbing Iraq US Helicopter Attack Video Leaks 

I just saw this story on CBC's The National news show tonight but they don't have any video up on their youtube channel (why?) so I'm putting up this CBS video instead. BTW the part that CBS News doesn't make clear (but The National did): when that gunship helicopter asks permission to open fire a second time, that's on two men who are clearly shown trying to help carry the lone survivor of the initial attack to safety! WTF??!? This is deeply disturbing. It's time to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq. What good can we (the US and Canada) do there now at this point?

Get more info and the full video on the attack at


"Despite denials to the contrary, leaked government memos show the Canadian Conservative government was warned last summer that working with the Afghan secret police, the NDS would lead to allegations Canada condoned abuse and that Canadians could face legal liability for complicity in torture." [CBC News]

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