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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photos from the T-Dot Pioneers: An Exploration of Toronto’s Hip Hop History Opening,T-Dot Pioneers Exhibit
Cold Front - the first compilation of all-Canadian hip hop released on a major label put together by the homie, Johnbronski!,T-Dot Pioneers Exhibit
Michie Mee was one of the first Canadian MCs to make inroads in the US. She was down with MC Lyte and Audio Two's First Priority crew. Shout to the homie, Giz!

Party flyers:,T-Dot Pioneers Exhibit,T-Dot Pioneers Exhibit

And Toronto's own version of the hip hop remake of the iconic 'Great Day in Harlem' image:,T-Dot Pioneers Exhibit

I'm not gonna get into a whole rehash of the event but it was great, something that needed to happen. Toronto has a deep hip hop history and this exhibit goes some way towards beginning to catalog and document that history. It also coincided with the launch of, a website dedicated to that same mission. Click the links for more info: T-dot Pioneers |

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