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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Remixes from Paul Weller's Wake Up The Nation Album 

Paul Weller

Slight musical detour to close out the night...

At the risk of dating myself, I grew up on this man's music from his first band, The Jam (google them) up to his solo music today. Before I got into hip hop, his fixation as a mod with both classic 60's and contemporary black music introduced me to many artists from Curtis Mayfield to the Chi-Lites. Some of his recent solo music has sounded kind of complacent and betrayed his youthful pledge to never become staid artistically like his former musical heroes, Pete Townsned and Eric Clapton but these remixes of tracks from his forthcoming new album, Wake Up The Nation suggest he's once again become open to current musical sounds like he was during his Jam and Style Council days. Check the plug:

"Paul Weller releases his tenth studio solo album Wake Up The Nation on April 19th on Island Records.

After an unparalleled career, characterised by constant musical experimentation, we should be used to Paul Weller's relentless desire to chop and change his musical pack. But after the triumphant, Brit-bagging success of 22 Dreams (his third solo number one) Wake Up The Nation album sees rock's most iconic songwriter come up trumps once more.

Lean, mean and as uncompromisingly focused as it's maker, Wake Up The Nation also brings Paul Weller full circle: twenty-eight years on from The Jam's split, two tracks feature the former bassist Bruce Foxton. The album also sees contributions from My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields, The Move's Bev Bevan and legendary session drummer Clem Cattini.

Passion, progression, and, as ever, spine-tingling rock'n'roll -Paul Weller has, yet again delivered the perfect soundtrack as we embark on a new decade."

Paul Weller - No Tears To Cry (Leo Zero Remix) [mp3 download]

Paul Weller - Wake Up The Nation (Zinc Remix) [mp3 download]

What y'all think?

[mp3's courtesy @AnorakLondon]

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