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Monday, March 22, 2010

New Music: Lushlife - "Feel It All Around" (Remix of Washed Out) 


"Philadelphia's Lushlife has always thrived on pushing listeners' buttons when it comes to their perceptions of what hip-hop can be. Whether it's building a boom-bap rap track out of hyper chopped samples of lo-fi indie songwriter Ariel Pink, incorporating instruments like mandolin and live horns into his stage show, or soliciting remixes from psychedelic pop artists, it's clear that Lushlife has an all-encompassing view of hip-hop that he wants to impress on the world. With his latest leak, the emcee/producer repurposes a track from Georgia glo-fi outfit Washed Out, transporting the track's beach side vibe to the street corner, & improbably conjuring images of Nas rapping over the 80's synth heavy Wild Style soundtrack."

Check this out. Lushlife's Cassette City album was one of the more underrated albums from last year...

Download Lushlife - "Feel It All Around" (Remix of Washed Out) [mp3 links: zshare | mediafire]

Connect with Lushlife online HERE.


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