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Sunday, March 21, 2010

New music from the Don Diablo & Sidney Samson - Monster EP 


Gonna keep the club music kick going for a couple more posts since I'm now in full insomniac mode!

Don Diablo & Sidney Samson - "Rise Up" [mp3 links: yousendit | usershare | download]

"What do you get when the two hottest Dutch producers of the moment finally get together in the studio? A monster of a track! Two monsters to be precise! Holland's globetrotting Hooligan producer, Don Diablo teams up with Sidney Samson of 'Riverside' fame to deliver the already much sought after Monster EP, which consists of two massive weapons of dancefloor destruction, 'Monster' and 'Rise Up'."

The EP dropped March 8, I believe. I dig the track but I gotta look at these two dudes kinda sideways for their liberal use of the n-word in the vocal hook of this track. Unless these guys are Black Dutch, they gonna have to s'plain dis to me as my sister would say! :/

Bonus DJ mix from Don Diablo:

Don Diablo's Live From Somewhere Mix (March 2010) by dondiablo [Alt. download links for the DJ mix: mediafire | zshare]

Follow Don Diablo on twitter at @DonDiablo and Sidney Samson at @Sidneysamson.

BTW: I just want to reiterate for cats who send me music again: DO NOT SEND ME single tracks in formats that I can't preview stream them first like (ideally) bandcamp, soundcloud or usershare or (less preferable but still OK) zshare, limelinx and zippyshare. If I have to download your sh-t from sendspace, megaupload or similar filesharing services to hear it first and it's not something on the level of Drake feat. Jay-Z, prod. by Dr. Dre with remixes by Daft Punk, pretty much assume your music's getting deleted. I get way too many emails to deal with that nonsense and I don't have the time or the patience for the bullsh-t. Got more questions about how to submit? Just sending a MySpace page link is not gonna cut it either! Click HERE.

[via Stephan at Muzikology]

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