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Thursday, March 04, 2010

New mixtape: Buddy Maxwell – Bollyhood (Beat Tape) 

Buddy Maxwell,mixtape,bollyhood

Something a little different! Here's the plug:

“Bollyhood is a beat tape I put together in winter 2007, made from various Hindi and Malayalam movie soundtracks I found while out digging. All tracks were done on a mpc2500 except for the intro, which was done on a Yamaha su700. I gotta shout out Madlib and DJ Om for the concept.” - Buddy Maxwell

Download the Buddy MaxwellBollyhood (Beat Tape) HERE. [rapidshare link via TRF]


Watch Tollywood actor, Chiranjeevi in the telugu movie, Alluda Majaka - "The best action scene. Ever!" [according to A Tribe Called Next, that is....] <-- If anyone, knows the name of this movies, HOLLA as I am dying to watch the whole thing! Thanks to reader, Rahul Nemani for the heads up!


Buddy Maxwell
- myspace | website

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