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Monday, March 15, 2010

New artist: Jola - She Say (video) 

"Trunk music is the opposite of hood music... a lot of the rappers out there is CB4-ing us to death..." - Jermaine Dupri

Amen! And word to Tony Soprano and Journey - Don't Stop Believing! I'm cosigning this simply on the strength of we need some suburban black cats making credible hip hop so that lane is not taken over completely by cats like All Out, no knock on them cos I like their "Lights" joint too!

If you wanna skip Jermaine's intro to Jola and the Trunk Music movement and skip right to the music, click HERE.


- "She Say" [limelinx mp3 download link]

Follow Jola on twitter at @jolathetrunkboi

[video via TSS | mp3 via Sam]


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