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Friday, February 19, 2010

Video: Jay Electronica - Exhibit A Live at the Jazz Cafe in London 

Semtex on the video:

"Seeing Jay Electronica live is an expericnce to say the least, I can’t admit to seeing every major Hip Hop artist of recent history perform but I have seen a lot of them. Jay Electronica is different though, his performance, intelligence, word play and general charisma make for an unforgettable show, its shows like tonight that make me love hip hop. Jay Elec tore down the Jazz Cafe in London tonight [Feb 18], his 2nd show, both shows were sold out. 1 person actually tried to pay £500 to get into the venue to see Jay Elec perform."

Ha! A lot of you know I'm from the and lived in NYC forever but how many of you know I was actually born in England?? Now the cylce is complete!

I don't normally give conspircay theories much air time but newshounds, is there anything to what Jay is talking about WRT Hurricane Katrina when he stops the song halfway through the video?

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