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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Theuep presents DJ Bling - The Life of the Party Vol. II 


Another club and electro-style DJ mix. Solid but not as much on the hip hop tip as the MIx Mason one I posted yesterday and not officially COC-cosigned. Lots of stuff you've heard getting caned in clubs over the past year or so but expertly mixed (or at least constructed via Pro-tools?). There's little new or surprising to hear in it except what sounds like a custom version of "I'm the Ish" made by DJ Class (?) just for DJ Bling. Still its a great listen and as Bling and his Theuep (The Urban Experience) crew say:

"Do you need some music to help get your weekend started on the right foot? Are you looking for some upbeat jams to listen to as you get pumped for an action packed weekend? Download DJ Bling’s Life of the Party Mix! It’s 60+ minutes of in your face house and electro that will guarantee to get your blood pumping for the weekend. Download this hot mix for free now and become the life of the party!!"

Check it out here:

Theuep present DJ Bling - The Life of the Party Vol. II Stream | download (mediafire link of mix as one whole mp3) | download (mediafire link of mix as separate tracks) | usershare: stream | download (mix as one whole mp3)


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DJ Bling - twitter | website

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