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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sade - Soldier of Love Full Album Stream 


Listen to a FULL stream of the Sade - Soldier of Love album HERE. [via AOL's Spinner FTW yet again!]

BTW: I dig the album. It's nothing new or groundbreaking sound-wise to be honest but it's friggin' Sade for goodness sake!!! To show you how much people dig this woman, my sister TURNED DOWN downloading the album for free before release date because she wanted to go out and buy the album. I will be doing the same too!


Pierce a little bit of that Sade mystique here: The New York Times | The Times (of London)

My fellow Connoisseur of Culture Stone's The Couch Sessions site reviews the Soldier of Love album HERE.

Watch Sade perform "Soldier of Love" live on NBC's Today show HERE. [via Rap Radar]

Sade's Soldier of Love is in stores NOW!!!


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