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Sunday, February 14, 2010

PleaseDontStare.Com Presents: DJ BenHaMeen – Anatomy Of A Broken Heart 


From the homie and fellow Connoisseur of Culture, Benhameen for Valentine's Day:

"Since Valentines Day is right around the corner I figured it was time to finish the breakup mix that Id been supposed to do since last year. Its kind of a sequel to my mix Love Actually, which is available HERE.

This one deals with the situations we go through during a broken relationship, from the cheating, to the fighting, the paranoia, the anger, the regrets, the wishing that we could fix things and finally the moving on. Click HERE for the back cover. Props to the Illa YC on the cover design. You can stream an okay quality or hit the links for the beautiful high quality versions

Click HERE for more and Happy Valentine's to everyone out there. Yeah, it's a crass, commerical holiday but how can you argue with a day that celebrates love??


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