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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New music from Billie Ray Martin's The Crackdown Project 

If there's anyone who embodies the modern day concept of a Berlin ingenue or torch singer it is my homegirl, Billie Ray Martin of the seminal 90's house music act, Electribe 101. Here's some new music from her new two-volume Crackdown Project:

Billie Ray Martin - "The Crackdown (Oicho remix by David Harrow)"

Billie Ray Martin
- "Just Fascination(Celebrity Murder Party remix)"

[direct mp3 links via mininova, right click & save as]

Like what you hear? Here's more, a promo mini mix for the Crackdown project:

BUY the Crackdown project:

Vol. 1: Sold Out to Disco in stores 2.15.10 | Vol. 2: Darkness Restored in stores 3.15.10 from Believe Digital.

Download the digital booklet for the Crackdown project HERE.


Billie Ray Martin
- facebook | myspace | website

Celebrity Murder Party - myspace | website | soundcloud

David Harrow - website | myspace

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