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Monday, February 15, 2010

New music: E. Reece - The Money 

E. Reece,Art & Commerce,Mixtape

This track, from the Art & Commerce Mixtape (streaming below) and prodcued by Presto, was sent to me via my Soundcloud drop box! Yes kids, that actually works - F-CK with it!!!

<a href="">The Money [prod. Presto] by E Reece</a>

Anyway, this track kind of reminds me of mid-90's underground sh-t like E. Rule's "Listen Up" - I guess name and aesthetic-wise! Check it and tell me what you think:

E. Reece - "The Money" [usershare mp3 links: stream | download]


E. Reece
- website | bandcamp | myspace | vimeo


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