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Friday, February 12, 2010

Music video: Cypress Hill - It Ain't Nothin' 

It's nothing crazy but I dig this video for being in the pocket of the basic meat n potatoes, classic hardcore hip hop imagery that Cypress Hill started out with (although a Cypress biker gang - WTF??), but the track itself is kind of blah to me. B-Real sounds cool but, not that he sounds bad, I need Sen Dog doing more adlibs and less full-on rapping and they need to get back to the dusted, gritty, psychedelic blues sound they had on their early albums. Basically, they need to do their own version of what Q-tip did on The Renaissance album by aknowledging and tapping into his musical past with Tribe but updating that sound for the new era. I dunno if the entire last album was like it, but fellow Soul Assassins crew members, Funkdoobiest managed to capture their classic, early sound without it feeling dated or tired sounding on at least the one single I heard from it.

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