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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mick Boogie & present Sounds From The Front Row 

Mick Boogie,mixtape

A special mix for New York Fashion Week 2010. Check it:

Download the Mick Boogie & present Sounds From The Front Row mixtape here: [email reg. req'd] | usershare [via]

I know you gotta be wondering what the hell would be on a mixtape like this so here's the track listing:

1. “Sounds From The Front Row” by Outasight
2. “Encore” (Jaydiohead Remix) by Jay-Z/Radiohead
3. “Lisztomania” (Holy Ghost Remix) by Phoenix
4. “Merrymakin’ at My Place” by Calvin Harris
5. “What a World” by Common and Chester French
6. “Skeleton Boy” by Friendly Fires
7. “Baby Can’t Stop” (Aeroplane Remix) by Lindstrom & Christabelle
8. “Wake Up” (Meterhead Remix) by Acid Girls
9. “Little Secrets” (Hey Champ Remix) by Passion Pit
10. “When They Fight, They Fight” by Generationals
11. “Yes I Know” by DJ Eleven
12. “Toot d’Amor” (Eli Remix) by Chin Chin
13. “Rockin’ That Thang” by Telephoned
14. “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend” (Twelves Remix) by The Black Kids
15. “I’m Not Your Toy” by La Roux
16. “The Kids” (Chromeo Remix) by Vampire Weekend
17. “Walking On a Dream” (Treasure Fingers Remix) by Empire Of The Sun
18. “Tomorrow Never Knows” by The Beatles
19. “Time” by Beach Fossils
20. “Take On Me” (Twelves Remix) by A-Ha
21. “Take the Hit” by Jade (featuring Theophilus London)
22. “Flower” by Bobby Hebb
23. “Priority” by Mos Def
24. “Things Work Out” by The Kickdrums
25. “Downtown in My Mind” by Outasight

[via The Press Play Show]

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