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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New music: emancipator - safe in the steep cliffs 


<a href="">greenland by emancipator</a>

Late night 'trip hop/downtempo' vibes via the homie, Dom Corleone:

"Safe In The Steep Cliffs represents the tightest, most unique, most organic beats I've made in the last three years. This album has a new palette of sounds and samples from around the world, including more original recordings (guitar/violin/mandolin/banjo) and new guest artists including Japanese jazz musician Uyama Hiroto. It's ominous and overgrown, dense and ethereal. And epic. Always epic."

Always epic, huh? Agree?

If you dig, you can download emancipator - safe in the steep cliffs HERE. [rapidshare zip file]


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