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Friday, January 22, 2010

New music and video from the Rapper, QuESt 

I REALLY dug this dude's "Trouble" freestyle over Q-tip's "Renaissance Rap" beat so I'm posting his take on Jay Electronica's "Exhibit C" even though I passed on posting most of the previous other freestyles by much bigger artists than him and doing Ex C freestyles is already verging on being played out, at least according to some. And BTW: here's the plug for the video above:

"So let me give you quick insight on this project, back in December I went to check out the MULTIVERSAL show headlined by Shawn Chrystopher, Jovi Rockwell and QuESt. Before it was time for QuESt to get on stage I decided to introduce myself and let him know how I felt about his music, then pitched him the idea about doing a short documentary. He was down but we didn't start until like a month later.

With that said that brings us to this clip at his Barbershop which was our first stop on an extensive day of filming. In the footage QuESt discusses the blogs where he first built his exposure...."

Download QuESt - "Exhibit Q" [usershare mp3 links: stream | download]

Here's an explanation of the track:

"I've been working non stop for the past couple months on my upcoming project, The Reason: A Defense Mechanism. Taking my time making this project is very important. I want this to be my best work to date. As I want with every major project that I release. While I'm still working on it, I took some time out seperately to compose a mixtape with my homie Dj RTC from the good folks at Ruby Hornet. Its called How Thoughtful & will be presented by & Just a little something to hold everyone over until the album is released. How Thoughtful will be released to the world on Feburary 11th. In the meantime this is a leak from it. Why not right? The Reason has no set release date yet but my team and I are aiming for an early summer."


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