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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Video: Pill interview with The Source 

I love Pill [pause] and think he's really talented, but here's an industry-insider friend of mine on the current frenzy around this dude at record labels:

"The Pill shit is a microcosm of what's wrong with A&R in Black Music. They created a little buzz on the 'net and now all the labels are throwing wild money at this kid who is dope, no question, but has NO NO NO street presence and has made TWO mixtapes. No one does homework. No-one has even actually GONE to ATL to check his bona fides down there: he does NO shows and isn't even really known in his hometown. The shit is so retarded to me. Hey God bless him if he can get the bread but it's so ridiculous. He's dope but the next Jeezy or Gucci? I doubt it. Dude NO ONE know who he is down there. When I say he has no street presence I mean NONE. It's shocking."

Thoughts, anyone?

[via Traps N Trunks]


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