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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Video: Kobe & Lebron - Dunkin On A Reindeer feat. KRS-One & Lupe Fiasco 

I got a grip more stuff I wanna post but I think I'ma wrap it up for now with this season-appropriate nugget that I ignored when I saw it on other sites a few days back, but which I happened to catch when I was watching BET's 106 & Park for the first time in aeons the other day. I had to laugh - KRS-One: you're a fool for this one. And to think, hip hop almost ground to halt the first time you did something like this, partially out of shock that you had done a comerical and partially because of who you did it with! Shout to Lupe too....

Anyway, for those that celebrate, enjoy the Christmas break and thanks for riding with me for yet another year. The site continues to evolve and will keep on doing so as my life and interests change, but there's some things I have started work on putting into place that should make keep it fresh and a plce you'll wanna keep checking out. 2010, y'all: LET'S GET IT!!!!

[via the.LIFE Files]

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