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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Real Frequency Top 25 Hip-Hop Albums of the Decade 

Featuring Kardinal Offishall who joined the TRF crew to co-host and discuss their countdown of the Top 25 Hip-Hop Albums of the past Decade!

Before you blast off on their list they want you to consider that the following criteria was used to build the list:

1. ARTISTRY: Did the album move you in a completely different way with the beats and rhymes?

2. IMPACT: Would the 2000's have been the same without this album?

I think their list is pretty good actually! Mine would be different - in fact, the one I submitted to the Passion of the Weiss is way different although not sure I'd submit the same list today. Speaking of which, I guess I better get on my year-end and (groan) decade-end lists (really??) before the end of the year arrives and too much time lags.

Get an mp3 of the full TRF show with songs from each album HERE.

[via TRF]

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