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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New music: KJ - The Headphone Album 


<a href="">Intro by KJ</a>

More fiya! Well I dug this kid's "Repeat" video at least so I'm hoping this full-length project is as good.

Here's KJ on the project:

"Hope all is well with you, just emailing you to let you know my album came out today [ed note: Dec. 18] and its available for free download for 30 days. Just a way to make sure the maximum amount of people hear the music and then when the time comes have the choice to purchase."

So I guess, grab it while you can over the next 25 days! Read more about the thinking behind the 30 days free concept on a Facebook post he wrote HERE.

DOWNLOAD the KJ - The Headphone album HERE. [usershare]

OR UPDATE: stream the album for FREE with the bandcamp player above....


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