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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New music: Jasiri X - Exhibit X 

Jasiri X

The Bloggers Made Me Do it:

"First of all I love “Exhibit C“! Just Blaze’s incredible gritty yet soulful production and Jay Electronica’s raw no nonsense lyricism make this the song of the year in my opinion. The song’s success as well as Raekwon’s Only Built for Cuban Linx Part 2 truly renewed my faith as an artist, because they both proved if you make great Hip-Hop music, people will support it. I especially felt “Exhibit C” because Jay Electronica is spittin bar after bar of consciousness, something that is sorely missing in today’s rap landscape. To echo Just Blaze, “we need something realer”."

Read more on why Jasiri X rocked the “Exhibt C” instrumental HERE.

Listen to Jasiri X - "Exhibit X" [usershare mp3 link: stream | download]


Download Jasiri X's American History X mixtape HERE.

I'm getting to "Exhibit C"....


Jasiri X
- Real Talk Xpress | twitter

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