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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Homeland Security is Bullsh-t! 

Seriously! I mean they've been racially profiling Arab and SE Asian-looking people since 9/11 and making all of us go through these useless bullsh-t proecdures like taking off our shoes and not being able to carry on beverages or all of our luggage if we have regular-sized toiletries since they caught that moron Richard Reid shoebomber dude. I won't even get back into all the crazy wiretap & domestic spying on US citizens that not only violated Americans' privacy but was also illegal until Bush bullied the Congress into not only making it legal but expanding it! (OK, I guess I just did....)

Meanwhile, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab's own father called the US government to warn them of his son's increasingly radicalized beliefs and possible threat potential. And yet, despite opening a file and investigation on him, the dude was still able to get on a plane (albeit not in the US) with some explosives that he attempted to set off. He wasn't even put on the so-called Terrorist 'No-Fly' List to be flagged if and when he attempted to travel! You know: the same one the late, great Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy and other obvious non-terror threats had been put on.

So now everyone's on edge and reporting every stupid incident no matter how trivial and we all have to now put up with even more ridiculous 'security' procedures.

The War on Terror has always been total nonsense in my book, ever since Bush coined the term in the lead-up justification for his botched foreign policy actions in Afghanistan and Iran. The ongoing wars there have become a complete waste of time and even if success (whatever that means at this point) is achieved, it will all mean nothing if the government cannot even competently manage the kind of basic intelligence & policing action that really keeps people safe beyond conducting counter-terror military actions. Not sure this kid really had the means to damage the plane he was on but thank goodness for passengers like Jasper Schuringa. At least they were there to do the job when the government couldn't even with the easy lay-up like this.

I hate to crack on my dude, President Obama 'cos ultimately I think he's been forced to play some really bad hands he's been dealt from Bush's 8 years of incompetence. But for this to have happened eight years after 9/11 is a total mindf-ck and homeland security fail IMHO. I know this flight originated out of Amsterdam but WTF? We don't share the names of possible terror suspects with other countries still? In 2009? Really?? Please, someone explain this to me if I'm missing something here that justifices this f-ckery.

Me? For now, I'll stay taking the Megabus when I can and skip the bullsh-t. Next up in my rants, a look at the online hysteria behind the rapper, Jay Electronica....


Security System Failed, Napolitano Acknowledges. [New York Times]

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