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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poe Picasso's Exhibit B: Manifest Destiny is out now! 

Poe Picasso,mixtape

I've supported this dude's music before. His latest full-length project, Exhibit B: Manifest Destiny finally dropped on Halloween.

I checked it out over the weekend and thought it was really good but when you check it out, listen carefully and answer this question: is Exhibit B: Manifest Destiny a stealth Christian hip hop album? I mean never mind the artwork on the cover and the teaser flyer, I caught a couple references here and there throughout the album that really had me wondering and by time I heard "Mark of the Beast" I was like, this dude is either a full-on Christian or deeply fascinated with the Christan/Bible culture while the "Human" track sounded like a defense of Creationism! Nothing wrong with that (well, except if you really think evolution is a myth and dinosaurs coexisted with humans or any other such nonsense, that is), but I hit Poe about it and he said this on the issue:

"I just wanted to make a real, honest album with no restrictions, my references to the bible are just used to make a more compelling case for what i'm saying, i am not a very religious person beleive it or not, i am deeply spiritual though..."

So there it is! Check it out for yourself and tell me what you think though:

Download Pos Picasso's Exhibit B: Manifest Destiny album HERE. [mediafire]


Poe Picasso
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