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Thursday, November 12, 2009

New music: Jay-Z + Music Without Borders - Hindustani Gangster 

Jay-Z,Hindustani Gangster,mixtape

Interesting project! Check the plug:

"In 2007, we fell in love with all things American Gangster: Ridley Scott's Oscar nominated film, its soundtrack, and Jay-Z's critically acclaimed album of the same name. Like all true Hov fans, we memorized every word of Jay's vividly weaved tale of a hustler's rise from the streets and his addiction to the lavish lifestyle accompanying his atypical success.

What was unique about our
American Gangster experience were the unmistakable parallels we observed between the men Jay-Z and Denzel portrayed to the gangsters depicted in 1970s Bollywood films. One such movie, Don, with its story line, brilliant colors, and disco-era style of clothing was reminiscent of American Blaxploitation films (e.g., Superfly, Foxy Brown) of the 1970s. The more we watched and listened to American Gangster, and the more we revisited Bollywood classics like Don, the more inevitable fusing the stories of the American and Indian gangster themes became."

Listen to or download the Jay-Z x Music Without Borders - Hindustani Gangster project HERE.


Music Without Borders
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