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Friday, November 20, 2009

New mixtape: The Empire x DJ Skee pres. Pill - 4075: The Refill 


I ain't gonna blow it up but if things go the way they look like they might, cats is gonna be REAL surprised at what label Pill eventually signs to. I might not be known for gossip but I've called some major stories correctly and EARLY in the past and not gotten the credit, so pay attention!

Try it before you buy it:

Pill - 4075: The Refill

Like what you heard? Download The Empire x DJ Skee pres. Pill - 4075: The Refill: DJ Version | No DJ Verison [mediafire links via TSS /]

Back-up links: DJ | No DJ [Rapidshare links]

Thanks also, Dom Corleone.


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