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Friday, November 13, 2009

DJ's Stretch Armstrong & Eli Escobar Play Ultra-Rare Hip Hop on their East Village Radio Show 

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...the Delancey Music Service.

Both guys started out playing hip hop back in the day but now mostly dabble in house and electronic club music so its rare treat to hear them play not only hip hop, but ultra-rare 80's and 90's hip hop in the form of demos, early material, live cuts and freestyles from the likes of Jay-Z, Souls of Mischief, Big Daddy Kane and Organized Konfusion on their November 9 show. I don't know how rare the first cut they play from the Beastie Boys is but like the drop said, I'd never heard it before and the sh-t was retarded!

Check it out HERE: stream | download [usershare mp3 link via Grandgood]


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