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Thursday, November 19, 2009

DJ Law – Northern Exposure Vol. 1 (Hosted By DJ Mastermind) 


As described by Quackass (!) at TRF:

"This mixtape right here is one of the illest collaboration mixtapes to ever come out of Canada in a long time. DJ Law brings one ill concept with this mixtape, gets Canada’s most recent emcees to drop a ill 16 over Canadian classics. If you haven’t heard this gem download this bad boy now! Shouts to the homie DJ Law on this one and be on the lookout for volume 2 in the future."

9th Uno/Maestro – Let Your Backbone Slide
AnonymousTwist/Michee Mee - On This Mic
BUNITALL/Nas T Howie - Attic
Tona – Ultimate MC Rush
Mayhem Morearty/Concrete Mob – Boiling Point
Theology 3/Citizen Kane – Black Rain
Felony/Frankenstein – Pain
Nefarius – Toe 2 Toe 2007
Staalin/Kardinal Offishal – On Wit da Show 2007
Eternia – Northside 2007
Point Blank/Main Source – Just Hangin Out
DL Incognito/Dan e-o – Dear Hiphop 2007
Jugganot/Rascalz – Really Living
Bunz – Ghetto Concept Tribute
Shantal - Gotta Get Mine
Puzzle/Maestro – Fine Tune Da Mic
Jett Black/Saukrates - Father Time
Eddie Mayhem/Choclair – Flagrant
G Squad/Redlife – Who’s Talking Weight
Cause da Product/Kardinal – Husslin’
Nem-s-iss/Black I – Where I’m From
Mason Payne/Infinite – 360
Gee Wunder/Kardinal – Ol’ Time Killin
Jaykin/Ghetto Concept – EZ On Da Motion
Friday/Saukrates – Hate Runs Deep
Sporadic/Saukrates/Common - Play Dis

Download the DJ LawNorthern Exposure Vol. 1 mixtape HERE. [zshare via The Real Frequency]


DJ Law
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