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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Video: "Stretch Armstrong Gots a Story to Tell...." 

"Walking back from a shooting in Harlem, we bumped into Stretch Armstrong, right in front of WCKR - that's the station where he started, in 1990, what would later become the "Stretch and Bobbito Show", which many consider the best show ever. The guy NORE used to call "the albino ostrich" recalls a number of great moments and a greater number of (then) unsigned rappers who blazed the show - cats like Jay-Z, Eminem, Big Pun, ODB, Big L, Biggie, and also a 16 y.o kid in shorts named Nasir...."

Shout to Stretch & Bob - the "Stretch & Bobbito show" is the greatest college hip hop radio show of all time. Its been often imitated but never duplicated or topped - believe me when I say that show moved the culture and single-handedly broke records. Before Flex blasted off on records, Stretch was playing them on his show first.

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