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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Video: RZA interview from The Black List Vol 2 


Watch another The Blacklist: Volume Two video preview HERE. [YouTube]

What is The Blacklist, you ask??

"The Blacklist Project reveals the diverse experiences of being black in America through interviews and portrait sessions with leading African-American figures. The project was conceived by photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders in collaboration with Elvis Mitchell, film critic and NPR correspondent.

Other featured speakers in
THE BLACK LIST: VOL. 2 include activist and artist Majora Carter; activist and academic Angela Davis; Producer Suzanne de Passe; Actor Laurence Fishburne; Anglican Bishop Barbara Harris; Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick; Pastor T.D. Jakes; physician and academic Valerie Montgomery-Rice, M.D.; Filmmaker Tyler Perry; Singer Charley Pride; Actress Maya Rudolph; Musician RZA; Filmmaker Melvin Van Peebles; and Artist Kara Walker."

The Blacklist: Volume Two is in stores TODAY! Click to BUY it via Target HERE.


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