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Monday, October 19, 2009

"Rapper's Delight" Turned 30 years old last week! 


Surprised no other hip hop blogs (except Rafi) acknowledged this. Embarrassed that a friend of a friend had to point this out to me.

"The Takeaway" on Public Radio International (PRI) covered the story: READ HERE | Listen HERE [direct mp3 download - right click & save as]

I know there's controversy around the song and the Sugarhill Gang, the group that made it, but let's keep it 100: none of us would be listening to, making or working in hip hop if this song hadn't have started it all off. Then again...


Jay-Z, Freddie Gibbs
, and the end of hip-hop. [The New Yorker via Rafi]

And BBC News on The birth of hip-hop in NYC. [also via Rafi]


The Takeaway

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