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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New music: Scott Matelic - Party People EP (Promo Mix) 

"Er, what is this??" you might be asking....

The video above is a mix of all 9 songs from Scott Matelic's Party People EP dropping on Nov. 3 on Crossfaded Bacon Digital (!).

"On his debut EP on Crossfaded Bacon Music, Scott Matelic takes this expansive production background, using it to deliver nine unique Baltimore Club-inspired tracks that are richly produced and fine-tuned by the ears of a true production master whos spent his life surrounded by an assorted collection of records. Whether its the stuttering Baltimore horns on the title track Party People, the soulful horns of Scottieottie, or the ravenous energy of both Sirens and Hype, this EP is another exceptional collection of richly-produced club tracks. Emynd provides an inventive Old-School-House-meets-Bmore remix of the title track while Baltimore Club legends Scottie B and King Tutt team up on their remix of the same song releasing a barrage of vocal chops and wailing synths that make this release another forward-thinking release from Crossfaded Bacon."

01.Party People (Original Mix)
02.Party People (Emynd Remix)
03.Party People (Scottie B & King Tutt Eastside Westside Remix)
05.Scottieottie (Instrumental)
09.Aint Going Nowhere

Wonder if they cleared all them samples though?? :/

[via Grandgood]


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