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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New music: Eddie Brock feat. Rich Kidd – "Hip Hop Needs Me" 


Eddie Brock feat. Rich Kidd"Hip Hop Needs Me" [zshare stream/download mp3 link]

This beat is sick. I think he chopped the same sh-t Ski used for Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents" single? Besides Boi 1da and 40/40, Rich Kidd is probably the hottest producer in Toronto now, no? F-ck I know though? I just got back up here and I have no idea who's really hot but these cats seem to be the most heavily on they grind. Real Tdot experts, school me if I'm off here though....

[via TRF]


Eddie Brock - MySpace | Rich Kidd - MySpace


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