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Monday, October 05, 2009

New mixtape: MF Doom - MF Doomed: Mixed by Pipomixes 


The background from Pipomixes:

"A few months back I went through Doom's entire catalog of material while flying across the country. After listening to Doom 24/7 for a good two weeks, I could just hear this mix coming together without ever laying hands on a turntable. This is what I ended-up mixing once I returned home and got back on my tables. Thank you to those of you who hooked me up with a couple of instrumentals that were essential to the making of this mix. Like all of my mixes, a lot of time, thought, and energy went into crafting this effort. I hope you all enjoy the mix as much as I enjoyed making it."

Download the MF Doom - MF Doomed mixtape here: zshare | direct mp3 link [via Lex records, right click and save as]

[via Pipomixes / Urb]


MF Doom
- myspace | Ta-Nehisi Coates on Doom in The New Yorker

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