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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New mixtape: DJ Concept - The Chemical Formula (Hosted By: The Alchemist) 


From DJ Concept:

"What do you get when you take rhymes from your favorite emcees, beats from one of the illest, plus cuts & blends from a real DJ? You get THE CHEMICAL FORMULA. I’ve always been a fan of the ALC so I figured it was time to pay homage. All Alchemist beats: All dope. Where else can you find Big L, 2Pac & Biggie together on the same Chemist soundscape? An instant classic."

Alchemist is on the illest hardcore prodcuders in the game cossigned by hip hop legends like DJ Premier and Mobb Deep and he grew up in Beverly Hills! Proves how dope you are in hip hop ain't got nothing to do with skin color. As the old adage from Rakim goes, It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at...." That being said, we still got a couple things we wanna rep in our ongoing White Boy Wednesdays series today. Ha!

Download the DJ Concept - The Chemical Formula mixtape HERE. [via]


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