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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Introducing new Def Jam artist YG! 


Another kid out of the jerkin' scene. Check his music out:

YG - "Toot It & Boot It" [mp3 download links: radio | original | instrumental | yousendit]

Mikey oOo
- "Gas Me Up" [mp3 download links: radio | original | remix feat. YG, JoJoe]

More download links: "Gas Me Up" | "Gas Me Up (remix)" | "Toot It & Boot It" [yousendit links]

Read an LA Times article on the signing of YG to Def Jam HERE.

Sidebar: I dig it personally, but is jerkin' the new hyphy? (side-sidebar: I dug hyphy and snap music too!)


- twitter | myspace

Mikey oOo - twitter | myspace

[mps courtesy Brian G. at FSMG / Pahdre at Musician Entourage]


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