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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Introducing The Lytics - "Big City Soundgirl" / "Checkin' On My Pumas" 


These guys are what Souls of Mischief might have sounded like if they were white [10.19.09 update: The Lytics are NOT in fact white, they just 'sound' white , whatever that means!] and grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) instead of the Bay:

The Lytics - "Big City Soundgirl" | "Checkin' On My Pumas" [direct mp3 download link, plesase Right Click and Save As]

Track are from their self-titled album that dropped September 15 on Pipe & Hat records. Ya dig 'em?? Check out more via bandcamp or buy it at their online store.


The Lytics
- website | myspace | twitter | bandcamp | facebook


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