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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hip Hop Bloggers on the Roman Polanski Case 

The good - Jay Smooth:

"This started out as a brief mini-video, and somehow turned into an endless obsessive rant about the minutiae of the Polanski case. This video has no entertainment value, unless you enjoy hearing "let's be clear" over and over."

[via Ill Doctrine]

The not-so-good - Byron Crawford:

The case for freeing Roman Polanski
- his opening argument: "I'm not saying what Roman Polanski did was right. I'm just saying. There's a difference between getting a 13 year-old girl high and having sex with her, and "raping a child.""

WTF?? Freeing him? Hasn't he been living free since he ran like a coward before being sentenced 30 years ago? And did Bol just state that he thinks it's OK for a grown man to ply a 13 year old child with drugs and alcohol then rape her despite her repeatedly begging him not to?? What part of the 'Shock blogger' game is that? Wow....

Regular readers know I'm a pretty liberal dude in general but the fact that allegedly wide swaths of the Hollywood community are backing Roman Polanski is disgusting to me....

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