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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bamboozled Entertainment Television: The Return of Blackface??!! 

The above is a clip of a comedy sketch call "The Jackson Jive" from a reunion special for Australian comedy show, Hey Hey It's Saturday. And here's an (attempted) justification for this absolute f-ckery from Australian culture & lifestyle blog, Pedestrian News:

"We'll ignore the fact that it's way too soon for Michael Jackson parodies and jump into Harry Connick Jr's main gripe - the use of "blackface". Now blackface might appear silly or innocuous to Australians but for 180 years it was the theatrical makeup used to establish and perpetuate negative racial stereotypes in America. That shit ain't funny and it's certainly not entertaining.

I mean, we're all sensitive to notions such as slavery and racism but when it comes to the symbols of those ideals Australia remains blissfully unaware
[ed note: yeah riiight - they just came up with the idea of using Blackface out of the blue, uh-huh...]. It's like that time Prince Harry dressed up as a Nazi, except instead of one person it's a whole television station and country that looks bad. Dressing up as a Nazi doesn't directly make Prince Harry racist [ed note: no, that and calling his coworker a Paki does] and I'm sure he's not - but the dude should have known better. The same sentiment could be pointed at the Hey Hey It's Saturday's Producers who let this skit go to air."

Yeah, I'm gonna have to call bullsh!t on that entire piece-of-sh!t argument.... [via Pedestrian.TV]

But wait!!! There's more...

Vogue Paris shoots model, Lara Stone in blackface - WTF??!! That is offensive on so many levels I can't even cover them all. [Clutch via The Smoking Section]

Enjoying life in our Obama 'post-racial' world yet?

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