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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Video: Retrospective: DJX 

If you're ahem, well over the age of 30, from the Tdot and a hip hop fan, the video above should hold special meaning for you. There was a time way before the internet and the notion of a commercial hip hop radio station like Hot 97 was even conceivable that getting to hear hip hop music was really hard. You either had to have fat wallets to buy the music on 12" and the very few albums that were out there or you had friends and family that would send you mixtapes (which really were actually cassettes) from radio shows in the US or even the UK (that's how long Westwood's been in the game) or you had to tape it off of one of the few community & college radio shows dedicated to it here in Canada. For years, I literally organized my weekends around being home on Saturdays between 1:00 and 4:00PM to either listen to or tape Ron Nelson's Fantastic Voyage and later DJX's Powermove show on Ryerson University CKLN radio station. Here DJX talks about the show and its contribution to the Canadian hip hop scene. This is some fantastic, culturally important sh-t. And yes, its a Tdot thing!

[via The Real Frequency]


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