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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slim - "Heels On" featuring Ron Browz & Deezo (aka Fresh Money) 

Two R&B posts in a row?? Whoa!!!

Ron Browz gets his lumps not only from bloggers but in the game in general but I like this joint which he not only raps on (yes, still using Autotune) but I think also produced:

Slim (of 112) - "Heels On" featuring Ron Browz & Deezo (aka Fresh Money) [mp3 download links: album | radio via yousendit]

You f-cking with it too?

[Update: just found out this song has been kickin' around since at least late Spring but I only got up on it this week 'cos I was trawling around the Digiwaxx site. I could give a f-ck that its old - I missed it which means others might have missed it too. Was it a hit and if not, why not 'cos this is fiya to me!!!]

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