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Monday, September 07, 2009

ReupSpot Presents: The Bailout mixtape 


Here's the plug for this new mixtape featuring Charles Hamilton, Yung Nate and Amor Jones:

"As you know our government has handed out several of its own bailouts for the economy. It is now time for hip hop to be given a bailout delivered by its artists. A bailout from the negativity of the recession. A bailout away from ringtone rap. A bailout from washed out fads. A bailout that will signify what hip hop truly stands for.A bailout that will prove the upcoming artists have the talent for mainstream attention. A bailout which sways the attention from billboard charts and gives it to the hard working,independent artists that have been on a constant grind."

OK then...

Download the ReupSpot Presents: The Bailout mixtape here: sharebee. [via ReupSpot]

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