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Monday, September 28, 2009

New music: Mikey D feat. Timid - "Chosen One" 

Speaking of Main Source...

Mikey D,Timid,Main Source

Download: Mikey D feat. Timid - "Chosen One" [mp3 zshare links: clean | album courtesy Head Nod Music]

Who's Mikey D? The short version is he replaced Large Professor after he 'left' Main Source.

Here's the longer version though:

"Born in Queens, New York as Michael Anthony Deering.
At an early age, Mikey started out on the park jam circuit with the
Clientele Brothers. MC's Will Seville, Eddie O' Jay along with Mean
were considered among the best at displaying real rhyme skills as
a group similar to the Cold Crush Brothers and The Force MC's (later
renamed The Force MD's). As a group, the Clientele Brothers were
looking for the next hot MC - enter Playboy Mikey D. With Mikey, the
group had the last ingredient and they definitely took the Queens park
jam scene to the next level.

As Hip Hop phenomena grew in the mid 1980's, the time came for a
record deal. In 1985, Mikey D along with the Symbolic Three singed to
Reality Records. With Producers Ray (Professor KB) Romain, Dr. Rhythm
and Dr. Shock, songs like 'No Show' (the answer to Doug E Fresh and
Slick Rick's
'The Show'), along with 'Treacherous' took underground
radio by surprise. In 1986, Mikey D (and DJ Johnnie Quest) signed with
Public Records and put out classics Like 'Dawn,' 'My Telephone,' and
'Bust A Rhyme'. In 1987 he hit the industry with 'I Get Rough' (B side
'Go For it') with legendary producer Paul C.

In 1988, Mikey's career really got hot when he signed to Sleeping Bag
Records. The record company was so enthused by the Queens battle
legend's reputation; they entered him into the New Music Seminar.
After battling several known and unknown rappers round by round he was
victorious and proclaimed the best MC in the world (as he predicted in
1987's 'I Get Rough'). Later that year, he released 'Out Of Control'
and the wicked 'Comin' In The House'.

In 1994 Mikey D was enlisted by the groundbreaking Main Source to
replace their lead MC Large Professor. Mikey (along with K-Cut and Sir
h) hit the studio and recorded the sequel to 'Breaking Atoms'
entitled "F*ck What You Think". Although another historic album was
birthed, it was not released due to infighting between the record
label and group management. After all of the chaos he had been
through, the legendary rapper took a step back from the music he loved
so much to focus on family and other pressing issues.

For more info on Mikey D or Timid, go to contact Head Nod Music.


Mikey D - MySpace

Timid - Website | Myspace | Twitter

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