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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New music: blctxt - "Wonderwall" / "Hellraiser" 


Well new-ish. I got sent these tracks a few days after I first posted stuff from this dude back early last month but slacked crazy on sharing them, 'til now obvs. Dude is wild talented though so get at this - don't front 'cos you don't know his name and you ain't seeing him getting a lot of looks on some of the bigger blogs out there. This is some good-ass hip hop!


- "Wonderwall" | "Hellraiser" [yousendit mp3 links]

BTW: Yes, that "Wonderwall" track samples the Oasis song of the same name and it's hot! Both tracks are from blctxt's Contxt Clues album which I believe is out now?


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