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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Drake feat. Jay-Z & Nas - "Successful (DJ Noodles remix)" and bonus tracks.... 


From the BP3-qual mixtape which cats slept on crazy:

Drake feat. Jay-Z & Nas - "Successful (DJ Noodles remix)" [mp3 audio: zshare stream/download | mediafire | yousendit]

If they'd tightened up Hov's verse a bit so he didn't sound like he was rapping off beat, this would be a f-cking looney tunes mashup....

Bonus downloads:

Lil Wayne feat. Drake
- "My Darlin' Baby" [mp3 audio: yousendit | zshare via Traps N Trunks]

Drake - "Fear" [mp3 audio: yousendit | usershare via Nah Right]

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