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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Turn Me Up Some Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration in Toronto TOMORROW! 

DJ L'Oqenz

I know you can't read the details on this poster for sh-t - sorry but I checked a bunch of places for a larger, higher-res copy but no dice. Click or on the site for DJ L'Oqenz (pronounced eloquence!) for more details.

And to my NYC peoples: don't forget Q-tip's party and Spike Lee's joint in Prospect Park on MJ's born day this Saturday and the Freedom Party tomorrow.


Check out DJ L’oqenz as part of a 3-hour, 6 DJ tribute set to Michael Jackson here. [via]


DJ L'Oqenz
- website | myspace

More Michael Jackson-related posts to celebrate what would have been his 51st birthday coming over the next couple of days....

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