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Friday, August 28, 2009

New music: Tracks from the Q-tip Kamaal The Abstract album 


From the long-lost (but actually much-bootlegged) Q-tip album, Kamaal the Abstract album. I think Tip was kind of ahead of his time with this album. Maybe people will be more open to it now after the success of last year's well-received The Renaissance album? Check these tracks out:

Q-tip - "Damn You’re Cool (clean)" | "Heels (Clean)" | "Reverber For Factory (Clean)" [yousendit mp3 download link]

Even if you got the bootleg, cop the real thing. Apparently the album has been retooled and got some new additions to what you might have heard plus we all need to support true artists! Kamaal The Abstract is in stores September 15 via Battery records. Shout to Neil, Wardell and Sledge at Battery/Jive.

[mp3's courtesy Foundation Media]

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